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The Ohio State Chapter of NACHI continues to grow into one of the finest and best NACHI chapters.

As we continue to grow, we are expanding our membership opportunities to allow our members to be involved in all areas of the chapter; We are seeking professionals to fill parts of the organizational structure that will assist in the continued growth of The Ohio State Chapter of NACHI. These opportunities are related only to the Ohio State Chapter of NACHI.

Get involved and be part of one the best chapters of NACHI, ?The Ohio State Chapter of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors?, Non-members and members of other associations are welcomed as well to become part of the greatest professional group in the home inspection arena. Ohio State NACHI.

Regional Coordinators:
? Work with other coordinators/directors, leaders and members at a local level
? Assist with invitations to chapter meetings
? Coordination of activities locally, fund raisers, state wide events and meetings

Educational Coordinators:
? Coordination of training and educational activities at chapter meetings
? Track attendance at meetings and training
? Make recommendations on training needed with-in chapter
? Plan and setup training for the chapter

Meeting/Event Coordinators:
? Coordinate meetings and events
? Locate and set-up meeting space
? Develop agreements and contracts for meetings
? Obtain approval for events and contracts

Website Administrator Coordinators:
? Keep chapter website up-dated
? Add content to website as directed
? Build website capabilities
? Maintain all databases, members, training, attendance and programs for chapter

Treasurer/Fund Raiser Coordinators:
? Work with all sections of Chapter
? Book keeping and account administration

Membership Coordinators:
? Encourager membership into Ohio State and NACHI
? Track membership
? Keep membership current for all members

Members Counsel:
? General members and contributors willing to assist in any chapter activity

Attend our state wide event August 20th & 21st in Columbus Ohio to see what it is all about has all of the detailed information

Jeff Judy
Ohio State Chapter