Frozen mortar or poor mix

Stone was detaching all over the home foundation… and at the chimney too. That *tall *chimney. In most areas stones pulled loose and left the mortar on the block, or in the case of the foundation wall, on the concrete. The back side was an exception and a whole lower section had sheared off the concrete foundation wall taking mortar with it.
Over much of the work there was little or no mortar between stones, which were simply adhered to it (or not).

I’m thinking mortar froze before it set up enough to withstand freezing temps. Qualified masonry contractor recommended.

Probably very well could of Kent…but it’s a nice looking house anyway…:smiley:

Was there any blue paint or blue carpeting inside?

If so, maybe the mortar didn’t freeze…:smiley: :smiley:

This looks like more of a stone veneer rather than stones actually set in mortar. The stone is only applied to the backing mortar the stones are not set into the mortar and the stones not buttered between the stones. Freezing has most certainly aided in the damage.

It was sandstone mortared to block and concrete. Real stone, but thin and flat. Here, stones are typically bedded in mortar, then the spaces between are mortared so that the stones don’t depend just on adhesion to the wall but the weight of each stone is transferred to stones below. Typically the whole thing rests on a structural ledge like a brick ledge.