full time vs partime

Just working on starting my own business just wondering how many inspectors are full time and how many are part time?

Don’t give up your day job!


Especially the first 3 to 5 years. First year most average under a 100 inspections

I am part time…I am currently still in the Army and do this after work and on the weekends. I am currently 3 years from retirement and started this to build it up to do full time when I retire. Being outside an Army Base the turnover on home is regular and make my situation optimal for full time.

Same for me. Almost identical really :wink: I work weekend duty on a permanent basis and two days a week. This allows me to almost do home inspections full time. How I talked the Air Force into this schedule I have no idea lol

With the exception of those in the armed services who can’t give up their day job, my advice would be…

Give up your day job.

A day job most often holds an inspector down IMHO.

True…and it diminishes his credibility with the public.

I tell my own sons, if someone ever offers you drugs or a steady job, take the drugs… taking drugs isn’t as bad for you as taking a steady job.

Nick please delete this off the pubic message board. I understand why you said it however many may not. That’s the bad part about writing your thoughts out on the net. One message is read in many different ways.


Bill…relax. Nick knows what he is saying…and to the entrepreneurial spirit, drugs are much less deadly than to aspire to punch another man’s clock.

I know he knows it’s those that drive by might not get his humor. Leave it if he wants I just think someone may take offense to it or misunderstand his meaning all together behind it.

It won’t be the first time. Relax, Bill.

LOL Will do.

I have a pretty good deal. I can retire now but would take a penalty due to age. I’m able work my “day job” on weekends and still be considered full time. That leaves the entire week to be a “full time” home inspector. When I get a weekend request for a home inspection, I take a day vaction (gotta use it sometime :p) Works great but here lately I’ve been taking a lot of vacation from my “day job”.:smiley:

if you guys are part time still how many inspections do you do a week? how long have you been part time?

are you full time?

Most full time inspectors starting out would be homeless (no pun intended) :wink: if it wasn’t for a hard working wife or substantial savings to live on. There are a few here who did 400-500 inspections their first year which is close to a miracle, but for the most part you will go weeks or months without a call as a newbie. Don’t let people convince you that having a full time job while starting out is a bad thing. That’s absurd. You do what is best for you and your family.

I started out full time and am still part time. The only ones that do 300 or more a year are either married to a realtor or screwing one.(or visa versa)

If you find yourself enjoying the far corners of an attic in the dead of a 100+ degree summer then you know your wired for this business. :-;;

my bad. forgot this was a canadian thread. maybe you substitute the cold for the heat up where you guys are. :roll:](*,)