"Fundamentals of Inspecting the Exterior" online video course

This thread is dedicated exclusively for those students currently enrolled in the InterNACHI online video course titled, "The Fundamentals of Inspecting the Exterior".
After successful completion of the course, the student will understand the fundamentals of how to perform an inspection of the exterior of a residential dwelling.

Students are free to pose questions and comments here and join in the conversation with other students. The thread will be monitored by the course instructor.

Contact: Director of Education, Ben Gromicko ben@internachi.org

Inspector training courses: www.nachi.org/education.

Thank you.

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I’m movin right along. Looking forward to continue this ride. Learning something after each course. AND I AM Greatful.

Looking forward to this course and can’t wait to learn what Mike has to say.

another challenge

Definitely looking forward to this course and learning from Mike.

Starting a new course. love the review of information.

Starting Course

I have been the home industry for 30 years and I can say this course is in depth, and a great value. These people have put a product out there second to no one

Ready to start another lesson. Looking forward to learning more new things.

Every course should have a practical video accompaniment like this one - puts things in perspective.



Starting today.


Looking forward to seeing what Mike has to offer.


Getting closer to having all my courses completed…most of them very rewarding…

Next course


Hi everyone;
As I progressed thru this course, the simple rationale that the instructor used was obvious all thru the videos. He used his common sense and applied it to the scenarios he encountered in a easy to understand way. One of the messages throughout the course was to look around, take in the big picture and don’t rush into a snap judgement. So true, great course.

I’m especially looking forward to this course. After digesting all of the written material, it is very useful to actually see it applied in real life scenarios.