Funky condo wiring

I did a recently remodeled (as in the whole 7 stories) Condo yesterday.
They wired all the under-cabinet lights by running what appeared to be lamp cord through MC from the switches (through the wall) to the fixtures.

I assume that the wire is what was attached to the fixture from the factory, and was intended to be plugged into an outlet.

Besides the MC being improperly terminated, would this be considered the same as a permanently attached extension cord, or does the MC make a difference?

It seems like a stupid question because my gut tells me it’s wrong. But this is likely going to open a huge can of worms with the condo owners, and I want to make sure before I write it up.

What say you?

After 95 views and no responses here, I went ahead and wrote it up as being improperly installed, and the incorrect type of wire for the application.
I talked to a Master Electrician that I’m friends with, he didn’t like the way it was done either. Talked to the buyer and he informed me that some of the units were sold a couple of years ago as empty DIY jobs. So, the electricians that did good work at the panel, may not have been the same guys who did the interior.

I’d say it’s improper based on the information you’ve provided. Are these 120 volt fixtures, or low-voltage fixtures?

Cord & plug assemblies are not supposed to be “hard-wired,” they’re supposed to be plugged in.

120V, and that’s what I was thinking, but I didn’t see them pre-installation. As far as I know, they cut the dang plugs off of them and hardwired them.

The other question is, what happens when you want a new light fixture?
I guess they didn’t think of that…

Very common in Condo’s.
I asked the same question about where the transformer might be as I have found them inside walls with a cut plug serving to feed 110v to the transformer.
They also make types that are not low voltage that are hardwired.

Seems to be something accepted as common practice now in days.