Tee fitting at water heater/furnace vent

Would you comment on this & if so, why? House is 14 years old and furnace & water heater operated/vented properly. I understand with natural draft that a wye would be better here, but does anyone have any documentation supporting this install and what affects it can have with venting? BTW, the water heater vent is properly pitched up to the tee fitting.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t have a problem with it. The pitch looks OK.

I have a problem. The water heater appears to be the lower vent. It’s hard to tell from the picture. If it is… then

EDIT: On a second look, it looks like the furnace is the lower appliance in the picture. Ignore below

Is the lower BTU appliance connected above the higher BTU appliance?

The water heater should be connected above the furnace.

I’m thinking the water heater is the upper vent.

If I were to call out every Tee connection at the exhaust area, it would be in 1/3 of the homes I inspect.

I simply note the connection.

As for the sizes of the vents and their placement…the smaller vent connector should vent into the chimney above the larger vent connector…




Thanks for the replies, fellas.

It should be okay as long as there is not a draft motor on one of the appliances.