Furnace burner inserts

These burner inserts looked odd to me. Sort of folded over like a taco. Is this just the design or are they damaged?
I haven’t noticed this in other furnaces and just wondering if these were wearing out and may need replacement? Any thoughts?

It’s an Arcoaire forced air from 2006.

Anyone? Trying to get this report out this AM…

Post it in the emergency forum.

They look the same in every burner, they do not look damaged.
How and who are going to mess these up so consistently?
Expect that a lot of things you have never seen before will look odd to you, that is just as likely to be your problem, as the thing you are looking at. If the furnace functioned as it should that is what your report should say.

You should not be writing about what you don’t know what your looking at.

Your not looking at the burners. The unit has end shot burners.

What your looking at is like a catalytic converter in your car. Improves combustion.

ok guys not trying to get lambasted here. Would you respond the same way if I were in person training with you? I would hope not or everyone would think poorly of your negative approach.

I understand it’s not the actual burners and just wanted some input as those inserts (part name?) are usually not so folded over in my observations. I take my inspections very seriously and try to get clarification on anything I don’t completely understand. I took a fair amount of time looking this up before I posted with no avail. This forum is supposed to be helpful, not a critique of our inspection abilities. I’d put my inspections side to side with any inspector with complete confidence.

Yes, if your working for me there are no “safe places” to run off to.

You should not be writing about what you do not understand.
You are not required to know everything.
Did the furnace turn on and operate? That is all your job entails.

If, you happen to know more, you can talk about it in your report (it says this in the Inspection Standards).

When you come here and ask a question, be direct. What is this, and what do they do? Not, should these be replaced.

If I knew what you were asking; I would have told you that they are there to prevent laminar flow through the heat exchanger. This improves heat transfer to the indoor air side.
It also improves complete combustion by improving gas/air mixture and raises the temperature of the air/fuel mix. Prevents excessive CO by generating CO2 during the combustion process.

They are not found in all gas furnaces. Some are just wire screens (concave). Some are just corrugated metal.

You will also find them in a gas water heater if you take a close look.