Is this junk or what?????

This was from today’s Inspect don’t even want to start the write up, its going to be nasty

No safety pan under A-coil
Return air duct separated allowing attic air into return
Supply air duct separated and crushed at coupling
The return air blower compartment not sealing allowing return from attic
Burners were rolling out
The supply plenum had been added on to accommodate an added on area of the home and was robbing most of the air for the original section of the home.

This was a 1979 Rheem and the Delta T was 20 degrees hard to believe

I would like to see what you write up on that. To me it would be an easy write up. 2 maybe 3 sentences is all.

looks like an old Premier or Rheem horizontial style furnace, will more than likely have a cracked HE close to the pilot, look in the dimple, ducting loose, and crimped. AC coils not incased properly. Correct as needed.

Furnace has cracked Heat Exchanger. Ducting loose and crimped. AC Colis not properly incased. Replace and repair heating system as needed.

Short and sweet and to the point.


Find the installer of this crappy system and get your consumer their money back entire job is shot to hell and a hand basket.

Bruce I think the consumer was the installer:) :slight_smile: and now he will have to pay to make repairs.