Furnace chimney?

This furnace is located in the garage. The furnace exhaust is vented through the wall then up about a foot. There is a bedroom built above the garage.

Wouldn’t this require a brick chimney built from the ground up to above the roof?


From what I’ve researched:
Gas fired heating systems (except high efficiency) require a chimney…?

Update: I was told from the listing re agent that they had to spend $100 to turn the utilities on. If that was the case, if this furnace exhaust was a problem they would have red flagged it and not lit the pilot!:shock:

I posted this question last night before I went to bed at 1am.
It’s now 12pm.
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I was hoping to have this issue discussed so I could continue finishing my written report in a timely fashion for my client.

Problem has been resolved:
I spoke with the buyers re agent and she said “I’ve been in the business for 20yrs and it looks good to me, besides I may have another job for you.”:wink:

my guess is that is very wrong. There’s a 10/2 rule that combustibles must me 2’ higher than anything 10 away horiszontally from a wood burning chimney exhaust. there are graphics in the nachi library

here it is


Rob, thanks but as mentioned above, it’s a gas fired unit.:slight_smile:

I know you have the right answer for me…:wink:

the graphic is for gas vent also

and fwiw, I rarely see gas water heater flues at the recommended clearance height in the graphic- hard to call it out when you are standing on the roof looking at 20 or more houses that dont meet the spec. Im just saying.
I would call that one out though. I had a garage with one similar last week that I found charred sheathing on at the lower part of the roof from the attic

Oh boy…what a realtor!:roll: That would get referred out by me.

What make and model furnce is it?
I believe it depends on the furnace manufacturer and the vent manufacturer installation instructions:
It may need a sidewall vent kit and inducer.
See pages 9, 10:
**80% gas furnace installation instructions - Whirlpool HVAC Dealers **

Rob, I respect your opinion and your demenor towards other HI’s, but I don’t think your firing on all eight cylinders today!!!:roll:

Did I miss something?

This thread is for the furnace.:wink:

I was getting a little impatient so I decided to try a different approach (the re agent farce). I call it “Creative Marketing”.

Model #:
Serial #:
BTU: unknown
Manufacturer Date: 2005

The manufacturer name tag was duct taped to the furnace…

Appreciate the help…

a gas flue discharging outside is a gas flue discharging outside. only variables are single wall or double wall which reflect on actual combustible clearance issues- the discharge is the discharge. Maybe I dont get the question. I am saying it doesnt matter what type of appliance its connected to on the business end.

I see what your saying, but when I reviewed my study book it states,
“Gas fired heating systems (except high efficiency) require a chimney.”

I’ve gotten myself a tad confused because a wood stove does not need a brick chimney and also burns much hotter. So why would my study material state this? As you can see HVAC is not one of my stronger skills at this point.

its all very gray. I agree. I only have these opinions specifically from running into simialr situations and needing to form an opinion of my interpretaiton based on the situation at hand. essientally there is a chain of command that must be followed for the true correct answer:

Manufacturer insutructions
local codes
state codes
national codes

what do you do when some of the above are condradicting? what if different people interpret differently? There’s not a good answer but hopefully something sounds good to you. :slight_smile:

I found the manufacturers information, but it doesn’t specify anything about the exhaust pipe?


I kinda suspected that.

Thanks guys for the much needed help.

As I still am not confident I have a definitive answer, my time has ran out.
The report has been sent, on to the next…:slight_smile:

Hi Jim,

Were you able to find the installation instructions for your furnace?

I don’t have much time so I’ll check in later.

Hey Larry that would be great, the .pdf was all I could fined.

Pg 6-18 as applicable:


for future reference on Heil equipment: