Flue wrap

Furnace is in crawl space. Regular flue installation from furnace to base of garage wall where it enters the garage. Flue is wrapped in garage from wall base to the ceiling and through the attic. I’d like to know your thoughts.

IMG_6742 (Small).JPG

I can’t believe what you are saying is accurate. I surely hope you are wrong. How old is the installation? Any verifiable inspection history? How long of a run from furnace to roof cap? Any more pictures?

Its wrong. B-vent’s require at least 1 inch clearance to combustibles which includes building materials and insulation.

My question is why? Why would anyone do that?

Pretty cool, huh?

Your thoughts & questions pretty much mirrored mine.


I’ve seen those jackets before. On dryer vents that dishcharge on the roof. Not on a furnace flue.

Clearance to combustibles is definitely an issue here.

And why the hell would any idiot insulate vent connectors? Are they attempting to keep the exhaust temperature more efficient as it enters into the air outside? And why didn’t they simply go straight up and out through the roof?

I wish I was there when they were wrapping that vent…

Is this really a vent connector?