Furnace in Attic Access

Would you all call out the lack of an adequate hardwood walkway to a furnace in an attic? It had a work platform and everything else was in order but it lacked a hardwood path to it? I try not to be a code enforcer and don’t want to nitpick.

Yes call it out, it should have a solid floor path to the furnace of a min 24" if I remember rightly…

Yep and no light of appropriate

Since its supposed to be there WHY would you NOT report on it.

AND if next year I’m being transferred and the buyers inspector reports it (see they’d never have bought the house if they’d known … OR they would have made the seller install one) do you like me well enough to pay someone to put one in for me (my nephews a lawyer AND we’ll sue you if you don’t pay).

Think about it … Then don’t be a nit-picker, just report accurately on whats MISSING.

Calling out defects is not nit-picking. No path to the furnace for servicing is a defect.

Runs in paint on the walls is nit-picking

I called it out last week. Took plenty of pictures to show all the insulation and that I was not able to walk the attic safely. Making sure to note I was not able to inspect the unit that was way on the other side of the attic.