Attic Furnace

Hey guys I’m looking in my code book and noticed that their should be a solid floor from the access door to the furnace I have a 2 foot gap that you must cross with no support (Sheetrock Underneath it) See pic
Any interpretation will help

REF: IRC 1305.1.3


Sorry I thought the pic was up OOPS


Yes. It will keep the fat HVAC guy with his coffee and doughnut from stepping through the ceiling.

Are enforcing codes too?!

You don’t need an interpretation of the code. Just write up the common sense of it all!

I interpert it as needing a full pathway between the opening and the furnace.


Troy , I read it the same as you, the only exception would be if the unit could be serviced from the opening. From your pic it doesn’t look like that would be possible.

I agree David, commen sense says have it fixed!

My reference was only for you guys I don’t quote codes to anyone!!!
I knew it didn’t look right when I saw it so I looked it up and then asked for Interpretation.

Thanks again

Coffee and doughnut? Out here I always find a few beer cans next to the furnace. Unfortunately, they always are empty. :frowning:

When and if I see a safety issue, it’s noted in the report. Whether it’s code or not.

And the Realtors always ask me why my reports are so full. Hmmmmmmmm…

Of? :margarit:

Excessive safety issues, as I pointed out above.

You got that right!
I love the builders that say it’s ok cause it passed code inspection!

Troy, I read three posts in a row that referenced code interpretation. All posters had less than 100 posts to their name (may be new or just new to iNNACHI). The point is that when you read and write in this tone your report begins to sound the same.

As to not quoting a code to anyone; I quote them to builders that just can’t get it. Then I note that maybe it is not enforced “here” but the safety ramifications can not be ignored.

Life will be so much easier for the inspector who keeps out of this battle.
You have no enforcement powers.
You may not interpret the code the same way as the AHJ.
The builder often does not “perceive” things through your eyes.

My client holds the enforcement powers , in his checkbook.
Interpretation is just common sense “that’s just wrong”.
I don’t know what will impact the clients family dynamic, nor does the builder.

It looks like I am the only responder with less than 100 posts to my name. I am neither new to iNACHI nor to the home inspection business. I have only recently become active on this board though.

He asked a specific question and I answered the question. I personally think that people rely too much on codes. I always try to figure out the intent of the code and use that as my reasoning for following the code. However it can be hard to back up assertions without something (besides your good looks;) ) to fall back on.

I guess I have one more post under my name now!!!

Good advice. Keep posting.:slight_smile:

What Michael said. :smiley:

Ralph, it was three threads I looked at, not just this thread.

I am also not pointing at anyone’s post or reply. Just making an general observation.

As I posted, I use codes too. We must be careful how we use them though.

I see no reason to “back up what I report”.
Written correctly, good old common sense will get the message across to the client. I need no more. It is not my decision to make. It is my job to educate.

A couple weeks ago a complete whirlpool tub, enclosure, plumbing and electric was ripped out of a new construction house when I pointed out that the valves and fill spout were on the wrong end of the tub! Can someone find the code on this?

The Client didn’t care so the Real Estate Agent put a blanket in the tub and made the client get in.

It’s like looking down the barrel of a shotgun! How can you relax?
What if you want to warm the water? Scalding water will pour right on you.

Builder: “We put them all in like this”.
Realtor: “I guess you better not do that any more”!