Furnace insatllation

Anyone know of a problem with this installation. It is a universal install but they cut the side out for the return air.



This might help better illustrate


Squirrel cage looks clean. Where is the filter?

Does the front cover have a return hole cut in or are my eyes failing???

The filter is where I took the picture of the fan. It’s in the living room adjacent to the furnace. It’s a short chase with a filter grill in the wall of the living room. You can see how they just cut the metal out of the side of the unit.
No there’s no hole in the front. Are you talking about the black knob at the top of the unit?

Furnaces are designed to draw return air from either side or through the bottom. The duct configuration will determine which side is cut out for the return air duct connecion.

I was talking about where you had the yellow arrow pointing. If there is a filter grill opening into another room that would be correct but there can be no return air drawn from within that closet or area of the furnace and water heater

  1. It will be very noisy.

  2. The fan draws from both sides of the fan. This one is open to just one side.
    There will be a reduction in flow, but as there isn’t any return duct friction loss it will not likely be noticeable.

Common option for installation.

Lennox G17 Installation Manual, page 5, right column “B-Return Air Opening”