No Return Duct?

Inspected a condo today that had a Carrier air handler (electric heat) that had an open filter on the bottom of the unit with no return duct. Unit was in a closet with a louvered door. I assume the louvered door and closet were acting as the return. Anyone familiar with this setup?


Yes, if the furnace is in the center of the home and the supply registers are near the outer walls than it should work okay. This is the econo way of installing a furnace and definitely not the best way.

How old is the unit, with copper condensate line, or is the owner loaded?:smiley:

Loaded:shock: Actually an investment company but this is a forclosure that overlooks The Georgia Dome and Centennial Olympic Park. When built, they took two units, upper and lower, and made one. There are some units in building @ $1M and I believe this is the only two level unit and they are getting it for $267K. It’s in great shape with high end finishes.

I had one just like that a few weeks ago.
Took me a minute to figure because it through me for a loop not expecting the filter to be facing straight down.

The A/C condenser was built in also ,with an wall vent to the outside of the unit.
Is that what you found?

Condenser(s) were on the roof top. The filter thing threw me for a loop too. I hate those brain cramps :wink: