Furnace question

My furnace has three burners and the one burner that does not shoot out a flame is the one that has the flame rod in front of it, is that telling me that the flame rod needs cleaned or replaced or is the burner acting up?

No. You have a blocked burner.

I had just took out the little bleeder looking bolt and I could still see through it, could it be the supply tube that is feeding the three burners, but from where the gas is feeding from it is the last burner that is not shooting a flame so the tube would have to be blocked between the second and third burner correct?

so david you say it might be the manifold that is blocked between the second and third burner if that is so how could I clean that?

“Call for service”.

You do not know what you are dealing with and could blow up your house…

David you do not hit it with your channel locks ?

could it be something else other than the manifold being blocked. I watched a video on Ben taking apart a furnace like mine and I am very capable of doing that I just don’t know what part is defected. What does a defected heat exchanger act like, could that be the problem and it is just not excepting the gas from the manifold(or supply tube)?

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Sir, you have no clue what your looking at or talking about.

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As a Home Inspector I would expect that you would be able to realize when a professional should be called in.

Your not an HAVC contractor and your ability as a Home Inspector could be in question, based upon this thread.

Also; don’t light your farts! I know, I know, it’s been posted on the internet!

Ben’s video was to show you that you can’t determine a broken heat exchanger during a home inspection and that it requires someone else to figure this stuff out…

Also, As a Home Inspector you are not now qualified to work on your gas furnace!

Please Sir, heed the warning of seasoned inspectors and professionals in HVAC, call a service man for the equipment.

If you can not identify the defect, leave it to a professional to repair and save a life.

I don’t see you here, Mr. Gilbert: http://www.inspectorseek.com/results.php?q=norwalk%2C+OH&range=40

Is this you on page xiii, Mr. Gilbert?


or, on this list?


Please be safe…

ok I understand what you guys are telling me and I have a really good HVAC tech that I deal with, I was just trying to get the job done instead of waiting for him, and I will wait thanks for everyones opinion