gable end framing question

Hey guys I did a inspection on a attached garage, they raised the pitch of the roof, and looking from inside the garage attic at the gable end they ran the exterior sheathing up past the old rafter and attached the new gable end rafter to just the top of the exterior plywood without installing any two by four framing down to the top of the original rafter. I would have laid them flat against the exterior sheathing with the correct angles cut for strenght. What are your thoughts on this. Thanks

A picture would help but how far apart is the bottom of the new rafter from the top of the old rafter?

Did they set the new rafter on adequate bearing?

How is the new rafter connected to the rafter opposite from it?

ron, a picture would help if you have one.

Marcel :):smiley:

The space is about one foot, towards the top, at the widest point, the rafter rests on a ridge beam with another rafter going down the other side. Sorry no pictures but pictures are going to become a large part of my future inspections.

If the new rafter is on a new ridge beam and the space is only 1 foot, I don’t see a problem, but I am only trying to visualize it in my head as to what it looks like.

Pictures speak a thousand words.

Good luck. :):smiley:

Thanks guys