Gaps in insulated exterior sheathing

Did an inspection today on a house that had new vinyl siding. When in the attic I noticed some damage to the Celotex Tuff-R Insulated Sheathing. In some spots it looked like it was put in between the studs. I turned off the light and was surprised to see the vinyl in several areas. My knowledge of what is supposed to go underneath the vinyl is very slim. How would I write this up? It’s obviously a defect and I feel that water would penetrate relatively easily. I’m currently thinking of this: “Gaps in the insulated sheathing were noted in the attic. Since vinyl is not a water-tight cladding these gaps c

ould allow water to enter at various points. Recommend evaluation by a qualified contractor for repair.” Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

This is what often happens when rigid insulation is directly attached to the studs. Definitely call it out. It will leak without heavy duty overhang over that wall. Do not prescribe method of correction, leave that up to the expert. Just describe what you observed & call it out adding what would happen if they don’t address the issue.

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Thanks for all the useful info, guys. and you too, Roy. (I’m messin’ with you…)

I appreciate the quick response. There were bats on the other side of the attic. Always somethin’ fun. yahoo