Stucco GAP

Under the band you look up and see this. What do you say?

Pic post

Pic post 2 whats up with this tonight?

Curt; Don’t know what I am looking at, but it dose not look right, what ever it is. ha. ha.

Recommend repairs. :wink:

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Stucco home with a decrotive ban look under for drip screed and see whats it the photo.

I dont like the exposed wood, never seen it all the way around the home like this. Usually its just a gap here and there this home is 80% like this.


Agreed, what I am seing there is a hell of a lot of Termite bait and no drip edge, it also looks like they left a timber baton on the bottom edge nailed to the sheathing.

I am some what surprised that I can’t see any mesh or moisture barrier seeing as everything else is visible.




I would say something along the lines of -

There is a void with exposed wood along the bottom of the NW stucco band (See Photo #1). This condition leaves the wood succeptible to water and or termite damage. Recommend having the necessary repairs made.

I dont know, hard to call from the photo.

I see it the same way.

This is what I said

“Just behind the Stucco coating around most of the home a gap exist and bare wood is exposed. This gap should be sealed and all exposed would be covered. Since this gap is approximately 2 feet from grade no water damage or wicking action appears to have taken place. However, the exposed wood should be sealed in a fashion that prevents water intrusion and helps resisting insect intrusion. This must be done in such a fashion as not to negate the weep hole function of the drip screed. A qualified licensed Stucco contractor should inspect and repair as needed.”

“A qualified licensed Stucco contractor should inspect and repair as needed.”

I get h*ll for this all the time, but I would leave the words qualified and inspect out and just say that a licensed stucco contractor should repair as needed.

Not that it means anything, but a licensed stucco contactor should be “qualified” and the contractor will need to inspect and do his own evaluation before he can repair the problem.

Noted…I will drop inspect, makes sense to. Qualified is a protection term, so I dont get a call back saying “they guy said it was OK”.

I see that here all the time, I think they do it intentionally to save a few yards of concrete and stick the plate out an inch or two around the perimeter so they still have the “What they paid for” Interior sq. ft-age…:twisted: :twisted:

I’ve also pointed it out to the AHJ…could care less…:twisted:

Have heard from the city inspector…ahhh…It will be OK…:twisted:

I had to quit doing phase inspection, my Irish temper was making me drink…:smiley:
Now I just do final walkthroughs, the builders hate it even more when the buyer in this -slow market for new home sales- says fix it or I’m otta-here…:smiley:

Looks like the concrete guys and the carpenters need to get on the same page.

What city inspector Dale!:twisted: :shock: :stuck_out_tongue:

Carl/Dale thanks for the phone help on this really really appreciated.

For members I called Dale and Carl and both of them without hesitation where EXTREAMLY giving of there time and knowledge. Great members!