Gaps in vinyl siding at windows

How much of a gap is acceptable in the vinyl where it meets the windows? New houses inspected today, and I could view either the house wrap or window flashing around the windows. About 1/4 inch was visible without touching it. Not just one section, but several. The picture dosn’t illustrate it as well as I’d like.

120406 031 (Small).jpg 120406 130 (Small).jpg

120406 031 (Small).jpg

120406 031 (Small).jpg

Most vinyl windows have a receiving channel (H channel) build into them and the installer does not need to use trim pieces. I cant tell if this is a receiving channel in the window but there should be some movement for contraction and expansion… that being said, if you can push on it and it comes out of the channel,… Id imagine thats bad,… did you say you COULD or could NOT see house wrap or a vapor barrier installed?? I don’t see alot of vinyl out here in Washington,… maybe other HI’s have a clearer answer for you.

I see what I believe to be house wrap. I posted another pic (2nd house today) if you want to take another look.

Thats fine,… its in a receiving channel of the vinyl window, there is movement for expansion and contraction,… they could have left more material on the vinyl siding, but if you have ever seen sub contractors work,… its usually balls to the wall and they dont always measure their cut outs exactly, or cut exactly on the line:mrgreen: . Im glad there is a vapor barrier. I wouldnt be concerned. Just my opinion.

I don’t know about house wrap/vapor barrier but there seems to be tape around the window. Black and white protecto wrap tape!

You lost me Raymond,… how does this provide assistance on this thread topic? Maybe Im missing your point, please elaborate…

About 1/4" gap is what you want… for expansion as Mr.Doane stated.

I’m wondering what the other side of the window looks like. Is the fit snug? If so , and with a little effort , the whole piece of siding colud be shifted over a little if it was nailed properly.

Hard to tell from the pic. but the “backer” looks more like fanfold insulation , which is a good thing.

FYI, I install vinyl siding although I can’t say I like the product much.


Joe, why does the window jamb on the left look different than the right picture.
Picture on the left looks like the window had been manufactured with an integral j-bead trim to accept the siding that is pulling out or to short, and on the right it looks like the integral j-trim was meant for something thicker like wood siding or something. Just confusing.
It does look in both cases that there might be some flashing behind the siding.


Marcel :slight_smile: :???:

Thanks to all for your helpful responses.

Marcel, sorry if I didn’t explain that the 2 pics were from 2 different houses inspected on the same day.