garage circuit

New house, built under 2005 NEC, it has two attached garages that share the same circuit for receptacles.

The garages do not share any common walls with each other so would this be considered two garages where each should have its own circuit?

I am not aware that a garage requires its own circuit. . . Is that an '05 requirement?

EACH attached garage requires a receptacle. There is no wording that requires a circuit for each.

Sorry, I wrote that all wrong, the garage circuit also has the exterior receptacles on it.

Looks like another minimum installation allowed by code.

Very common around here for “all exterior receptacles” to be controlled by the garage GFCI receptacle.

Did I miss something?

Minimum, yes, but it would be pretty hard to overload that circuit. Unless, you are using power strips everywhere or decorate for Christmas like Tim Allen, you would be alright.

I don’t have a code book handy but I recall the Receptacle for the Garage has to be GFCI protected being an unfinished floor as would all exterior and garage receptacle ( I believe the exception would be the automatic opener 8’ above grade). Unfortunately there are some who but the GFCI in the garage or outside that controls the bathrooms. Hope it helps

If you are on 2005 NEC code or earlier verison that will be fine but later one like 2008 unforteally no it no longer have the exception there so everything in the garage have to be GFCI’ed both receptale and lighting circuit and of course GDO { Garage door opener }


If they use a single receptacle for the opener is it still required to GFCI protected

Under 2005 it could even be a duplex and still not be GFI in the ceiling.

Under 2008 EVERY 125v-15 & 20 amp receptacle in a garage must be GFI protected. All exceptions for garages were removed.

Thanks guess it time to buy the book again