Garage fire separation?

Does anyone know if a garage connected to the home by roofline and an open breeze-way closed by a slider at one end is required to have drywall fire separation and a solid door?:neutral:

ext stoop.jpg


What is the condition of the interior walls of the Garage (Framed and/or Drywall)?

Are Rooflines and Attics provided with adequate Fire separation?

1947/99 remodel framed, eave of garage connects to side of home, no roofline separation.

garage fire sep.jpg

“The garage shall be separated from the residence and the attic area by not less than 1/2-inch gypsum board applied to the garage side.”

That’s from the 2003 International Residential Code. I think other versions will have similar or identical wording. The code anticipates either attached garages or separate garages, but not the arrangement pictured. I think if I were a code official, I would require at least a gypsum board ceiling and gypsum board on the common wall with the breezeway, which isn’t really a breezeway any longer because of the closure at one end. However, the house pictured may pre-date any such code requirements, so if I were an inspector, I would write it as an area of concern and suggest that the homeowner consider installing the gypsum board for his or her own safety and peace of mind, with words such as “may not meet modern standards for garage fire safety”. Leave the code interpretation to the local building official, where it belongs.