Garage Fire Wall

I found this today the garage of a new house. No GFCI’s in the garage or at the exterior outlets or spa tub. There were AFCI’s for the bedrooms.

That would all be wrong. I don’t see how that got past the code guy. He must work for ACORN.

Or been eating them… you know… that squirrely looking guy… :roll:

There are NO codes in this small KANSAS town. The ceiling has the same material on it.

No codes or no enforcement?

The fire separation need only be between the interior of the residence and at the attic and extend 4’ from the adjoining wall. No gfI is wrong. No codes in area don’t matter it still does not comply with currently acceptable code models.

That would assume that the pics are of the firewall seperation between the garage and living space which thes pics do not show the exact location. You are right in your comment if this is the firewall.

No codes in your town? I’ll bet your wrong or your just simply kidding!

All residential buildings in the US should be code compliant.

How can buildings be code compliant if there is no authority to make them comply? A lot of Missouri is the same way. Sad but true.

I bet the door on this wall is a hollow core too. This is common in my area.


The door was a labled 20 minute door. This home was not in the KC metro.