No FIRE separation ceiling in a garage

No fire separation ceiling in a garage with habitable rooms above (house built in 2017). Also had HVAC duct lines coming through the wall. How should I word this issue ? (bad thing about it is this county has not adopted any building code)
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Your state has adopted IRC, did it not? even if it didn’t, you can always fallback to national standards. You don’t need code to call it out. You’re advising the client that in your professional opinion it is not as safe as it would be with… simple as that. What is the acceptable practice in your area? no drywall below bedroom in garage? is what you found typical or atypical for the area? maybe fires spread and burn differently in your part of the woods :expressionless:

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Got it, NOT TYPICAL, the builder is living in the house, so I just wanted to have my stuff together before I put this in writing. It is standard to use the IRC, that’s what I go by, but I just don’t quote as code. I use the wording does not meet building standards.

There you go… it was probably never inspected nor finished, clearly.

BTW, HVAC duct penetrations are allowed but only if certain rules are followed, including the metal being min of .26 gauge, etc… and you cannot draw or deliver air to the garage that mixes with that of the dwelling. The PVC pipe would ideally have firestop collars.

No Flex lines correct ?

Correct, it has to be sheet metal or other “approved” material. Typical flex ducts would not be approved, the fire would go right through them, they are plastic on the inside.

Whenever caught in a situation like this, just make a recommendation e.g. for enhanced safety, etc.