Garage Firewall

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In the past I haven’t inspected the attached garage firewall. Yes, I know you all will give me a hard time for this. I’m think I’m going to add it to my template and begin inspecting it on each inspection.

What parts of the firewall are typically inspected. The type X fire-rated drywall, fire tape, the continuous firewall, the firewall door, the firewall self-closer (which I have never seen), the attic hatch, metal wall penetrations? All of the above?

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2009 IRC


From the residence and attic Not less than 1⁄2-inch gypsum board or equivalent applied to the garage side
From all habitable rooms above the garage Not less than 5⁄8-inch Type X gypsum board or equivalent
Structure(s) supporting floor/ceiling assemblies used for separation required by this section Not less than 1⁄2-inch gypsum board or equivalent
Garages located less than 3 feet from a dwelling unit on the same lot Not less than 1⁄2-inch gypsum board or equivalent applied to the interior side of exterior walls that are within this area

For SI: 1 inch = 25.4 mm, 1 foot = 304.8 mm.

I report on it , everyone should. Its a true hazard. More garage fires than not having an extension pipe on a boiler pressure reducing valve that everyone seems to write up.
I wouldnt get crazy with the spackling etc. Notate missing or non continuous drywall, large hole, doors and self closing hinges etc. , things that they can obviously see and be pointed out. You can end your findings in the report by reciting what is required ( spackling and tape etc) for proper fire protection but i would call out the bigger issues only.

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It’s a separation wall not a firewall.

Yes, and not a fire rated wall type.

Thanks for all the good help guys. I can always count on my internachi friends for help.