Garage Floor Cracking

I am reviewing a practice quiz in preparation for my SC license exam this Saturday.
The question is:
What is the sign of a garage floor damaged from overload?
Delaminating Rebar
Cold Fusing

My instructor said the answer was “Heaving” however I cannot find anything in the Systems and Standards book that would explain this being the correct answer. Can someone please explain?

Heaving makes no sense to me. I understand heaving to mean rising up, as in upheaval. Cracking could be from a number of causes, but would be present in an overloaded floor. Cold fusing sounds like one of those silly answers they throw in to see if you are really just guessing. Delaminating rebar makes some measure of sense, as the concrete could be breaking away from the rebar in an extreme situation.

I suppose if one were to accept that something could heave down, the answer would make sense, but I have never heard of anyone using the expression “downheaval”. Heave down is a nautical term, meaning to careen.

Thanks William, I agree with what you’re saying. The instructor has a good exam pass rate from his class…maybe he just made a mistake on this one. Haven’t been able to get in contact with him for an explanation as to the answer.

Your instructor would be wrong. The answer would be cracking. Heaving would be from expansive soils. It would be a very strange dictionary that described forces from below as “overloading”.