Garage roof framing installation. Trusses

Hey guys,

Is anyone familiar or came across this type of truss installation, mid 80s home saltbox stye roof, clay tile. Should the buyer have a structural engineer evaluate ? The bottom cords are not sitting on the interior wall plate , just sitting on a boards nailed to the wall. Seller said home was build that way.

Thanks in advance

Are those trusses modified at the heel? Ledger with inadequate number of fasteners, fastened through drywall, and supporting a truss are all a no-no. You should refer it out to a licensed contractor or structural engineer. Request that seller provide the truss installation drawings that come with the trusses.

Hard to understand what your pictures are all about, especially at the heel of the truss, at the ledger. I don’t see a rafter connection to the bottom cord at the ledger. Trusses always sit on top of the wall plate, unless engineered to utilize hangers.

Are you a homeowner, not an inspector?

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Hey Michael,

Thats is part of my concern. There’s no heel at the garage/interior wall and the bottom cord was floating after the center plate for about 9 feet. It seems that they added that ledger after and toe nailed the cord with 8d nails. I am going to recommend a licensed contractor, but wasnt sure about the structural engineer.

Im an inspector.
Thanks for the quick reply.

Something doesn’t pass the smell test on that roof. Have someone look at it.


Those pictures don’t show a clear picture of how things are badly screwed up. Have a competent framing contractor look at it or an engineer.


Will do. Thanks guys. Sorry for the bad pictures.

Looks like truss different direction from the built in storage framing and plywood used to put storage. That built on storage platform appears to have been put in after truss framing. Now comment on framing deficits of storage platform . Surmised w pictures provided.