Would you call this out?

Found this in the attic in a new construction home yesterday. Higher end home, but don’t really know what to say about these “trusses”. Would you call it out, and if so, how? Just saying “it looks cobbled up” doesn’t seem right!

quail haven 030.jpg

quail haven 031.jpg

quail haven 028.jpg

quail haven 029.jpg

First of all, those aren’t trusses.

It may not look good, but it’s likely to be functional. It’s hard to tell from your pictures. Do you have any wider angels and perhaps some bigger pictures?

Jeff, I have bigger/better pictures, but I don’t post much and can’t get any bigger pictures attached to the posts on here…took me a while to figure out how to get them on here at all! I could send you the pics by regular email if you want. That is why I put the word truss in quotation marks. I don’t have much experience inspecting new construction, and this just doesn’t look like the roof is very well supported. Toenailing 2X6s together, with 2X4s notched out supporting them looks more like a temporary support rather than a permenant one.

That looks like braced rafter roof framing, and at best marginal quality work from the small pics IMO. Also needs to be adequate bearing below the braces … common mistake.


So, would you call this out, Robert?

I looks marginal with less than good quality framing from the pics/description. It’s hard to make a call which way to go based on just a few very tiny pics, without having been there. Go with you gut feeling based on your up close inspection.


The terms I use for that type of layout is 2x6 rafters, purlins and bracing. The diagonal bracing should be attached at the lower end to a load bearing wall top plate. The purlin/brace is to prevent rafters from sagging or developing a belly, like me. The other bracing, at the top of hip rafters, should also be nailed at the bottom to load bearing wall top plates. Some times the framer also installs collar ties on every other pair of rafters, and they usually aren’t level, at least around here. Based on your pics, I would have identified the type of framing, whether or not everything was nailed tightly, and moved on.

Ok. Thanks for the info guys. Stu, I think I will do just what you said. The braces are NOT on a load bearing wall top plate…thus my statement about “temporary” bracing. Will probably be good for years to come, but I will still probably note it briefly in my report and go on. I appreciate the input, guys. This forum is what makes NACHI worth the cost/effort. A newbie being able to pick the brains of you guys that have been doing this for years in INVALUBABLE! BTW, I will have been in the business for a year next month, and it keeps getting better every month!!!

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If that is new construction I hope you keep that contractor in your state. When I first looked at the picture I couldnt believe that was new construction.