Gas chimney exhaust

Hi I inspected a house today that was for pre drywall. There is a gas fireplace chimney that is 32 inches from a window that opens. Everything I have found says it only has to be 9 inches away from the opening but that doesn’t seem right from a logical mind you would think if it was windy and the window was open the fumes could go in.

Do You think it would be a common occurrence to have the windows open while the fireplace was lit?

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It’s not a chimney, it’s a vent.

Look up the manufactures specs (located inside the fireplace unit) for the specific appliance for it’s listed and labeled install requirements.

Here is the standard guide for B-vent.


Probably only at my house, Jim. My wife feeds our wood burner like she is a stoker on the Titanic! I have to open the windows!


sadly I understand Sir…

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Some ppl would. So if the window is open is it to close ?

Welcome to our forum, Scott!..Enjoy! :smile:

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Is that a B vent? Rules for B vents are very specific…A B vent has to be 8’ from a side wall…If it’s a direct vent then almost anything goes…(not really) but close…check this link for overview of B vent requirements Charleston Home Inspector Discusses Gas Vents | Blue Palmetto Home Inspection

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Thank you it’s a direct vent fireplace so I guess anything goes

Scott, you were given an answer by Dominic… it is appliance dependent. The clearances will be stated in the installation manual for the fireplace.

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I seen that and have read it thank you. It just crazy how close it can be to a window that opens.

I guess that would depend on how the wind was blowing…

Not the point. Think like a professional.

Gas Appliance Direct Vent Clearances

That is hilarious.

What do you think is ?