Gas Furnace & Air Handler in separate room?

Hi all, I’m relatively new and this is my first time posting here.

I have a question: Can a gas fired furnace and it’s corresponding air handler be in separate rooms?

Thank you very much in advance. I appreciate all input. Ken in MA.

Additional info: I saw a home that had electric baseboard heaters with on board dial controls to heat finished rooms in the basement. In a utility room, it had a water heater that had a natural gas input and an exhaust vent to the exterior. Next to it was a gas fired furnace with an exhaust vent to the exterior and copper pipes extending out from it into a finished ceiling. In a completely separate room (in the basement) was an air handler. It was enclosed in a closet with very limited view of the unit.
The home had forced hot air heat registers on the main floor with central air conditioning. Thanks again.

I’m sure many inspectors will want to help you, unfortunately without pictures it is difficult to know what you are actually seeing. Post your pictures and then ask specific questions, people will help.

Ya have me totally confused and without pic’s I am lost for words and that would be unusual for me

Thank you for the replies.
These pictures are not great and I apologize.
Both pics are in basement.
One shows a furnace next to a water heater.
Each were independently natural gas fired and each had their own exhaust vent.
They both had copper pipe branching off them.
The other picture shows an air handler in a separate room about 15 feet away.
It was a tight fit inside a closet with no visible source of fuel.
The heat is forced hot air.
I’m new to this and was a little confused.
I assumed the copper pipe running from the furnace went to the air handler to heat the forced hot air?
Sorry if this isn’t clear. Thanks again. I have to run but will check in later.
I appreciate the responses. Ken.

What you have is a gas fired water heating boiler supplying hot water to a air handling unit with a leaking April-air humidifier attached to the top of the AHU. I blew the pic up so I could read the label;-)

Mr. Bottger, thank you for the confirmation. I suspected that was the case but this one was the first I have encountered that had so much separation distance between the two units. And the leaking humidifier has been a common sight lately. Have a great week. Thanks again. Ken.