Furnace heats half of first floor

Hey guys. I could use some help please. I have seen a lot of houses have one furnace or air handler for the first floor and one for the second.

Today There were two furnaces in the basement and one air handler in the attic. Each furnace conditioned one half of the basement, and one half of the first floor. The air handler in the attic took care of the second floor. ( I should have charged more for this inspection)

Has anyone ever seen a set up like this? What is the point? Is there anything I, or my clients should know about this type of set up.

This is a confusing statement to me. A air handler to me is just a blower assembly no heat exchanger/furnace and no A/C coil it depends on how big the home is. One has to view the supply and return air duct to determine the WHY of a installation. I would not say it was a common install I would have to see the big picture

I have something like that coming up tomorrow.
3 bedroom ,one floor condo with 2 HVAC Units.

The building must have originally had 2 units (apartments) per floor .

During the end of world war 2 many soldiers coming home needed places and they split up the older ,larger places into 2 Units but many have gone back to original design on conversion to condo’s.

Sorry Air handler has A coil for heat pump. I guess I dont enough information here for anyone to give me good insight. I had just never seen this type of set up. That makes sense Bob but this house was built in 96.

So they had zoned thermostat/temperature control?

Hmmmm,did you happen to note BTU outputs or see anything unusual in the vent configurations?

Chris, I am under the impression that a zoned system is one system with different zones separated by a damper and controlled with respective thermostats. Correct me if I am wrong. Bob, I never grab BTU outputs. Should I?

No dampers are necessary to be considered zoned. Were there 3 thermostats with each thermostat controlling separate heating systems? If so then the HOUSE has 3 zones. It is not necessary to determine how the zones are configured but you sure would look good if you could identify that and report it.

Thanks John. It was a zoned system then. Until, today I had not seen a system zoned like this. All my prior inspections had the simple zones separated by floors. It took me a while, but I did precisely figure out each zone and explain them to the client. I had to to make several trips to each thermostat though.

Just might have helped determine a reason is all.
Not your job to size however and I was just curious.Also wondering if the vent system is segregated or joined but too many questions without being there.

Thanks bob. Sorry for the crappy post. I should have gathered more info

3 thermostats 3 systems is not a zone system. One system with multiple thermostats controlling multiple dampers is a zone system

Juan, in illinois we have to “describe the heating method by [FONT=TimesNewRomanPSMT]their [/FONT]distinguishing characteristics”. Btu’s is one characteristic so I collect it. No grand reason. :slight_smile:

I wonder, was the house laid out in such a way that the owner could reside in one or two of the zones without treading into the third zone very much? Like maybe several bedrooms/guest rooms were all one zone.

I agree that one heat source with 3 thermostats (Usually controlling zone valves or dampers) is a 3 zone system, but a house with 3 thermostats controlling 3 different heat sources (to different parts of the home) is still considered to have 3 zone heating. Same with air conditioning which is much more common.

Not in my world

How do you refer to it then in your world?

They would be just 3 independant systems in Charley’s world:D:D

Well just got back from my 2 system condo and will share nightmare later(pictures)

Nothing like a furnace in kitchen with soffit returns there and and b vent with openings and exterior wall termination to go within a cat 4 in bathroom sealed with no exhaust fan and air intake at unit with schedule 40 running into a b vent which shares with a water heater that has no drip pan .Did I mention the hanging power switch hooked up to the spa tub timer?

Will stop there but as far as I know they are all still living.

…conditioning three independant areas(not zones!) of the home. :mrgreen:

Areas ARE zones in my world!:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: