Gas Hot Water Heater

Any advise or comments on this installation would be appreciated.Vent piping appears to be from a dryer kit,no protection at the ceiling penetration, garage ceiling vent is open to the attic, flex gas supply line is too long.Don’t see many gas appliances in my area.Thanks

It should be shorten. If it is dryer vent pipe it should not be used. Another thing it should be on a stand , the platform is not 18 inches . Some areas did permit ceiling vents in a garage but i would mention it. Did the vent have a fire damper installed?
( fusible link). Just a question about the pipe could it have been stainless steel? BTW was the temperature pressure valve pipe made from?
It most likely would not need the vents if it was in a garage. there would be enough air to meet the needs of the unit

In this photo it looks like a dryer vent, which would be improper. They do make flexible “B” vents which can be used on gas appliance vents, but this does not look like one from what I can see in the photo.

Agree with above plus the flex is facing up instead of down .
No drip leg.
TPR is plastic and could be an issue if regular PVC.
Cold water shutoff should be checked to make sure it is not a gas shutoff.
The vent does look like for a dryer and also is kinked at a 90 degree angle.
Ceiling Vent should not be there.(or wall if to interior).

I copied the picture and blew it up. It’s dryer vent for sure, no good. They could use single wall pipe inside the garage to the b-vent. The flex should be no more than 3 feet. It should also have a drip leg on the pipe. I’m not sure where you are located but if your in the west galvanized pipe shouldn’t be used on natural gas. I see the elbow is galvanized. It should be on a stand that puts the ignition source 18" off the garage floor. It’s hard to tell but the TPR discharge pipe might be CPVC but if it’s PVC than you can’t use it. It also should be 6" off the floor at least. Call out what you like. I would recommend a licensed plumbing contractor come out and evaluate and correct the problems.

Darn Youz guz were too quick for me, I think you covered all the bases on this one,
Oh did anyone mention the height of the pilot? or barrier protection. Not sure where this one is located. but we have that code in our area

The appliance connector looks a bit long, and in CA you would need seismic straps.

Thanks for all the input.I thought I was correct in my review and have aked for certification of code/standard compliance and replacement.This was the 6th or 7th house in the same zip code by the same builder and plumbing contractor.Sorry I did not have any pictures of the roof vent.It was a standard metal dryer vent on another house,Yes by the same plumbing contractor.

Plumbing contractor. HA plumbing conCRACKtor

Guys it is a FVIR water heater no need to elevate off the garage floor, they are designed to be ON the garage floor. The only reason to elevate it is if AHJ requires it now.

Not a ‘hot water heater’ a water heater

The only time it is not a hot water heater is the first time you turn it on.

I do not think it is Chuck

lol I always love that one too


It is— all water heaters produced in this country since July of 2004/5 under 75 gallons are FVIR. Look at the vents on the bottom of the unit. I see them everyday.


Great point, I will have to train myself to state that correctly.

Yep your right , How ever they still ask for it here .

Vent piping looks fine from here.

All the replies were great - nothing to add except wondering if the gas line is protected by a sleeve where it goes through the masonry wall?