Gas water heater recommendation

On a newer (2017) natural gas water heater, do you always/sometimes/never recommend elevating the unit so that the pilot is at least 18 inches above the garage floor?

Is it a Flame Vapor Ignition-Resistant (FVIR) water heater like this?

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I guess my question should be if just because the unit is newer, can it be assumed that it meets the standard for the FVIR feature… the manufacturer says they comply since 2003, but should there be something on the data label to confirm this? This is a Whirlpool brand.

I would start with looking up the model number for the manufacturer brochure. If I am not mistaken, the FVIR will have a sealed combustion chamber with a sight glass.

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I have seen the sight glass several times. In our area, many or most water heaters are electric, then many are not in the garage, so I don’t see it often. Thanks.