Gas line bonding

The NEC says that all metal piping must be bonded back to electrical service. I am looking for some feedback on if the gas line needs to be bonded. There is alot of different opinions of this but if I read the NEC correct this needs to be done.

The way I understood is, that gas lines should be earth bonded, not back to an electrical panel. You are trying to keep the gas away from the electric.

Interesting. I was under the impression that metal piping is be bonded to the service or the GES.

Manufacturers allow the bonding to be at the service equipment, the GEC or the actual grounding electrode. The bond can be made to rigid pipe or to the brass fitting connecting the CSST, but you can’t clamp it to the CSST itself.

The general principle is for it to be grounded .

Here’s several manufacturer’s instructions with the corresponding pages which detail how the piping should be bonded to the grounding system. - Pgs. 28-29 - Pgs. 52-53 - Pg. 73 - Pg. 39

All metal piping systems and the service equipment panel should be bonded to eliminate electrical potential between them. If I don’t see bonding to the gas pipe or metallic water piping or between the gas pipe and metallic water piping I report it as a defect.

Doh! Just realized this was not focused on just CSST. :):frowning: Well, there’s a bunch of unnecessary info for all to enjoy. :wink:

Bonded :slight_smile:

All the same, except “earth bonded” is inaccurate. “Earthing” is “grounding.” You can’t actually “bond” the system to earth.

Bonding is bonding is bonding. You don’t bond something “back to” something - it’s either bonded, or it is not.

If the gas line is bonded to the GES, then the GES is also bonded to the gas line. Likewise, if the service equipment is bonded to the GES, it is also bonded to the gas piping.

All metallic piping is required to be bonded to the GES. This is usually accomplished through a connection at the service panel.

The only exception to bonding of the gas piping that I am aware of, is in the state of NY.

Bonding and grounding are not the same.

Interesting read about gas pipe bonding

I would have to disagree with the term in your first graphic that says “earth bonding.” Must be a Canadian thing :smiley:

Even Joe Tesco calls it earth bonding. I remember taking a seminar of his in St. Louis. If I said “bonded to the earth”, would you had accepted that?

Semantics really, but I still believe “bonded to earth” is an inaccurate term even if Joe used it. It also lends to confusion between bonding, grounding and earthing. While they may share some similarities, they are all quite different.

I know, I was just trying to get a rise out of you. It was nice talking with you again.


No matter what issue I had with Joe in the past, I have never questioned his expertize or knowledge on all-things electrical. There’s no doubt in my mind that he is an authority on the subject matter, but that has never stopped me from disagreeing :wink:

The carson dunlop diagram is missing the ground bonding jumper at the water heater.

I have always suggested this upgrade and recently chatted with a gastite guy about the issue.

I was recently denied this repair via a local electrician and county officials. Verification by the local gas company also said no. They acted like this was the next plauge happening and wanted no part of it.

There are inacted codes for the NEC and pipe fitting, but around here they don’t matter.

SO now I will no longer add this little comment in my reports, cause the law around here said no.