Gas Line sediment traps

I live in the mountains of Colorado and there is a lot of propane use in homes for heating, etc. Are gas sediment raps required with propane, I can not seem to find any specific requirement relating to propane?

DO not think they are required in any area .

Not required no moisture in propane

Charley, to clarify, no drip is required, but a sediment trap is, which is what he asked about. G2419.4 indicates a sediment trap is required after the shut off except on dryers and ranges. Most of the time, they incorporate both in one that is why we sometimes say it is not required when it is.

My bad but in Ok you don’t install drip legs on propane natural gas only. I guess everyone does not live in Okla Huh;-)

G2419.4 (408.4) Sediment trap.
Where a sediment trap is not incorporated as part of the appliance, a sediment trap shall be installed downstream of the appliance shutoff valve as close to the inlet of the appliance as practical. The sediment trap shall be either a tee fitting having a capped nipple of any length installed vertically in the bottommost opening of the tee as illustrated in Figure G2419.4 or other device approved as an effective sediment trap. Illuminating appliances, ranges, clothes dryers, decorative vented appliances for installation in vented fireplaces, gas fireplaces, and outdoor grills need not be so equipped

Prolly also required by the equipment manufacturer.

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BTW G2419.3 or .4 does not state the type of gas nor any mention of it

So it would also apply to propane. right?

Lets put it this way you have nothing to back up that propane is required a drip and I have nothing to back up that propane does not require a drip but 40 years of doing it that way either right or wrong who is to say;-)

The listed code is easily researched as the code numbers were supplied…

FUEL GAS. A natural gas, manufactured gas, liquefied petroleum gas or mixtures of these gases.

We did not see them here so much either until recently.