Gas logs/vented or not

I inspected a house today and I come to the fireplace a metal prefab with gas logs. It has a flue so I assume these are vented logs. I have always heard that these logs will collect black soot from the natural gas; However I have never seen it before until today. Does the gas line need to be cleaned or replaced.


They may even be getting a bad air mix.
That looks very bad.
Couldthey be burning stuff on top?
Maybe they have kids playing around.

Does not look good. Definitely not operating as intended.

Definitely vented. The black soot build-up indicates that Gas Fire logs are not arranged or positioned according to manufacturer’s specs. If not positioned correctly, carbon monoxide can be produced. Also, be sure to check that damper lid has a clamp to keep it forced open.

That looks like a standard wood burning insert style fireplace with a gas log lighter installed. The log lighter is designed to light wood logs. It looks like someone took some fake logs from a gas-fired ambience fireplace and placed them on the grate. If you do that the logs will turn black since the flame is not regulated like it would be in a gas appliance.

If what I’m seeing is correct (can’t be certain just from a photo), there is nothing wrong here. (other than a cheap homeowner)