Gas logs

Do these gas logs require a vented chimney?

It appeared that there is only one flue and a chimney liner is installed for the water tank & furnace.

I recommend evaluating before using add there was no tag for the log set.



It really depends on its listing, however, that does not look like any ventless log set that I have ever seen.

It appears to be a fairly standard (although low budget) log set which will produce a significant amount of carbon monoxide.

Even the “ventless” type warn that windows should be left partially open while in use. I wonder why :roll:

It’s to allow easy entry for the paramedics.

It is a Kevorkian fire place. :shock:

It should be properly vented. Most gas log inserts into wood burning fireplaces should have the damper removed or a locking nut to keep the damper handle in the open position.

There are energy wasters in my opinion because the damper must be open when not inuse.

I may be wrong but I am pretty sure the energy code requires that glass door enclosures be installed when the damper is blocked open. Anyone got accurate info about that?

I don’t do “Energy Code” :smiley:

I have seen them both ways, doors, no doors. Some with the damper not blocked open. Even with glass doors the damper must remain open. Big energy waste.

Here’s a web page of links to sites about “Vent Free” heaters and gas logs.

Makes you wish the US would outlaw these devices.

Ventless is not allowed in Massachusetts.

Good info. here…