Gas Fireplace

I did an inspection yesterday that included a fireplace. The fireplace was a traditional gas fireplace with a log set. Screened front, no doors installed. No flue to the exterior or damper installed. The top of the firebox was factory sealed. There was a gas valve but there was no gas to the fireplace. There was no way to exhaust gas in case it was left on. The home is 24 years old and the fireplace appears to have never been used. Is this an acceptable set up, or was the installation not completed? It doesn’t feel right to me. What do you think? Stan

Stan it is most likely a Vent less fireplace. Check with your area to see if they are allowed.

Thanks for the reply Wayne. I will check. I guess my main concern is if the gas were left on, it would not be exhausted to the exterior. Stan.

That would be true for any gas appliance inside the home. Gas space heaters have been around since Col Sanders was a corporal and they too do not have any venting capabilities. As recommended, check with local authority. I see vent free gas logs in just such a set up as you described all the time.

One of the many dangers with these so-called “ventless” fireplaces (for they ALL vent into the living space) is the logs. There are logs that are made for gas fireplaces…and there are logs made for gas ventless fireplaces…and cannot be mixed.

Thanks for your help. Stan

You really should check your jurisdiction too. I know that here, ventless fireplaces are illegal.