Gas Piping

I should know this, I haven’t seen it though and so now I am trying to recall. What type of flexible gas line should be called out? Is it brass? Saw these today.

Banning 044 (Small).jpg

Banning 045 (Small).jpg

Cheryl, around here the gas company absolutely disdains the use of either of those flex lines. Especially that brass one in the first picture, it appears to have some small kinks in it.

And in the second picture–is that washboard gas fired???

Brass flex lines are the bad ones. Usually they are uncoated also like in your picture. Some flex lines are coated and not on the recall list.
They have a tendency to disconnect at the fitting and fill the house with gas…BOOM! A major recall notice by my local gas co.

That whole setup is a call out.

Check with the local gas company. Most likely both of these need black pipe to the appliances also the missing “drip leg” is also maybe a problem too.:wink:

I know them as range connectors. They are legal in some area’s. I used them a lot for stoves. I never used them for water heaters or furnaces. For those I either used black pipe or flexible gas line such as Gastite.