Flex lines going to hot water tanks

Is there any hard facts about flex lines being used on hot water tanks. I know it is ok on stoves and dryers. I run into it about once a month. I don’t like it, I don’t think it safe. I have also seen quarter inch copper tubing used.

Flexible gas lines are allowed here. Some areas they are not allowed. Check with your local gas company.

Home Depot & Lowe’s sell just a product. I use them all the time for change outs. II aways hard pipe out of the water heater with 9" nipple into tee, with drip leg beloow, union & gas valve above, then gas flex line to connect between, saves time on cut and threading pieces to join.

Sounds like you’re talking about CSST. Do a search for that on this board. Lots of info. (Class action lawsuit you need to be aware of.)

If youare talking about range connectors then they are ok on appliances such as stoves but not on water heaters under UPC where I plumbed. Black pipe or CSST was authorized.

Flexible Appliance connectors are allowed by the model codes (UPC included) and are commonplace on gas appliances. As always local jurisdictions take precedence and some AHJ’s may not allow them.

They are required at the water heater and furnace in all the jurisdictions where I work, both water flex and gas flex.

Thanks guys and gals I checked county,and local citys.They all have something different.I personally hard plumb them in. I heard of kids playing around them and grabing the lines and having them break.When I do an inspection and I find this condition I recommend that they be hard plumbed .I have also from them to leak more offten than hard plumb.

I’ve never heard that from any of the plumbers here. Interesting.

Quarter inch?? The smallest I have seen is 3/8 inch tubing. Some AHJ approve it around these parts.