Gas wall furnace

I will be inspecting a gas wall furnace tommorow. Anything I should think about in advance or be prepared to look for? Thanks for input!

I wouldn’t inspect this furnace any differently than an average furnace.


I pay particular attention to the clearance of the flue pipe pentration into the attic as I have discovered charred wall plates in the past very close to point of ignition.


I’m with Charley, inspect the physical installation where possible and recommend a service inspect on the mechanics, unless the unit(s) are new. I’ve run into units where the flue vent materials have been modified to space allowed in framing, as well as gaspiping, cabinetry being cut, etc.

I’ve seen these units vented thru the wall, check the clearance outside from the siding and if it has a blower make sure it’s not near the vent. Any suspicions, defer it!