General licensing poll

Hi to all,

I am not sure if I will cover all the issues, but I thought that a poll on various issues may be interesting.

The poll allows multiple selections

and yes James, I deliberately did not include no licensing



…so, by eliminating the most popular option, what is it you are hoping to accomplish with this?

I did put up the other poll as well James



I see that so far many want preliminary and continuing education. Good stuff.

How many of you think that the ones teaching home inspection education should have some sort of state teaching credential, or should anyone be able to come here from another state to teach?

Are you afraid of carpet baggers sir? :wink:

There seems to be an unexpressed underlying issue for you in your question. JMHO from way up north.

I’m not afraid of anything, and we have plenty of snowbirds here. I’m simply asking a question to see if things are congruous. If the inspector must be licensed, should the teacher that teaches the inspector?

Education providers are, understandably, proponents of licensing bills mandating education (as well as polls advocating such, as well). The majority of these providers that I am aware of would fail to meet the licensing requirements for educators in their own state…as well as other states.

I think that it would be logical and fair to require those providing state licensing training to hold state licenses, themselves.

As educators, I am certain that they would be just as enthusiastic about requiring these licenses for themselves as they are for home inspectors.:wink:

Absolutely. They should not only be licensed as teachers, under the state education requirements, but licensed as home inspectors as well.

I hope licensing doesn’t come to your state or the state may end up deciding what qualifies for CE and who can teach it and who can approve it.

Note:It’s pretty loose in WI as far as the CE requirements for course content.

James, do you mean they should hold a HI license for any state they want to teach in?

If their classes are to prepare students for licensing in that state, they should hold the same license they teach, IMO. Absolutely and without question, however, they should hold the same level of license or certification that all other educators in that state must hold in order to teach. That is an absolute necessity.

An exception would be made for 1-day seminars, etc, hosting specialized training in a specific area.

Well that’s quite a different kettle of fish than you first appeared to be saying. Thanks for clarifying.

Why? One either is licensed to teach what constitutes CE for the state requirement, or one is not, period. :roll:

Actually quite a few states have requirements about CE including registering with the State. A few come to mind, such as Mississippi, Arkansas, South Dakota, Illinois, Mass and a few others.

Some of the registration process is easy, just a small fee, others as we know are quite stringent


I am speaking of the state requirements for educators…in order to teach in an accredited school, for example, the teacher must have a minimum of a batchelor’s degree and have passed a state exam.

I think that this should be required of those setting up licensing schools of the sort that will be cranking out the 40-50 new inspectors every three weeks.

I’m sorry Blaine but licensing does not assure one is good teacher or HI.

Nope…but it is a fitting response to those educators who push licensing as a means of creating a market for their wares.

Let them live by the same standard. Should a person who is not qualified to teach a kindergarten class in a Florida public school be allowed to prepare home inspectors for licensing? There is a good argument, here.

This makes sense for formal schools within a given state and operating under that state’s laws for educators.

So the addage- Follow the money still applies eh?

I didn’t ask that, nor was I intimating. Licensing does not ensure that the inspector is good, but there are many inspectors, schools, realtors, lawyers and builders who want us licensed for that reason, among others.

The key to licensing is not the initial requirement as most are granfathered, but is the ability for a control board to oversee whether you keep your license. Should the same be done for all who teach, including CE.

The two go hand in hand. If you are for licensing home inspectors, you shold also be for licensing the individual instructors, and vice versa.