Generate Repair List without having to use RED

Maybe I’m missing something, is there a way to generate the repair request without having to have the agent use the Dashboard. Agents here just seem to not be interested in the dashboard, however, I think the Repair Request feature offers tremendous value.

Time needed to also have to print separate and upload to ISN adds up over time. Anyway to attach it possibly after the glossary, or some other technique?

Dom if anyone can figure out how to do this I’m sure it’s you!

In my eyes, if the agent is worth their salt and truly feels like they are working for their customer, then they will take the time to do what is right and it is just a step for them. If not, then you realize that “us”, as home inspectors, are just there to help them check a box to get to the commission.

You’re new here, aren’t you?

The single most common generator problem is neglected maintenance. Think of the engine on an industrial generator the same as you would the engine in your car. It is well known that there are going to be problems if you don’t check the engine’s components for wear and tear in addition to preventative maintenance.