Repair List Suggestion

Another suggestion, on the repair list when the client or realtor creates a new repair list, it will automatically default to all summary items. I would see this working good for inspectors who use column headers for inspection selections. I and some other inspectors use summary items for all selections from inspected, general comments and all of the other items in the reports. I use about 7 summary items for all of my selections. I have to tell my relators and clients to select the general summary and not the default summary when creating a list, other wise you are going to pull up 200 items from my report.

I would like to see a way where we could change that in our settings to chose general summary rather than all summary.

I am assuming that you have edited the name of each Summary? You said you have to tell them to select General and not the default…but the default is the general summary. Or, If you have 7 Summaries and the other ones are named Positive names then it should work as is.

Have you made yourself a buyer’s username and signed in to see one of your reports? The Feature will list out all the summaries s-o they can easily pick the correct one if they are named in a way to suggest General versus positives. Try signing in as a buyer and see if it makes sense to you as is, or if you need some names changed or edited on the summary titles.

The agent or customer can select one summary at a time and if they want can edit to see and if desired bring in another summary. They can do this one Summary at a time.

We don’t want to allow control from the inspector or purposely exclude something that later they wished we or the inspector would have allowed the option to negotiate for liability reasons and this process occurs post inspection. The inspector is not to be involved in this step (or HG).

I uploaded a new sample report to my email. I was viewing my old report. Let me re-explain my situation. My new report template does not use column headers. I have 7 summary items…Inspected, Not Inspected, General Comment, Maintenance Issue, Safety Issues, Repair or Replace and Defect.

So when I uploaded my new report today and open up the repair list. I have the option of choosing All Comments or from my 7 Summary Items. In the upload edit box inside the software I choose to have one summary showing Maintenance Issues, Safety Issues, Repair or Replace and Defect in the summary. The top three do not go into the summary.

So back to the repair list. When my clients open’s their report and creates a repair list, is there a way it could say on the bottom option choose General Summary Only and not where they would show all of my 7 summary item selections. I called up HG this morning and talk to one of your reps which listen to me and she had me forward my sample report to the support staff.

I attached a screen shot below,

Thanks Russell!

The Feature works off of the entire report. A true Summary works great. That is when a summary is really a summary of defects and not positive items or general info. You can add a note in your email notification to suggest clicking on only a particular summary.

I would remove the summary of Inspected, Not inspected, General items. Just leave them in the report as common. The last 3 summaries are important and a true summary.

It would be nice if when a repair list was created that a copy of that be sent or saved on the inspectors login folder so we can keep an eye on what is transpiring. Just a thought…

Hi Jeff,
This feature will mature and become better and better. However at this time our position is to purposely keep the inspector out of the process. This is Post inspection process and the inspector should not get involved with what items should be requested or considered other than what is in his inspection report.