Have an inspection coming up where the home is heated / cooled with goethermal. Any tips or suggestions on what to be looking for? Or where to find some information on inspecting these systems.
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Make sure you stay within the SoP or state licensing SoP. Disclose or report on what you can’t see.

Assuming you have a ground or water source heat pump then this might be pertinent. It is from a post about a home I did last Sept:

Check for:
Source of water (quality)
Type of system (open loop, closed loop,…
Check Temp at each water furnace (Thermostat/register)

You can easily get overwhelmed inspecting some of these systems. Keep it simple on a home inspection.

It’s very similar to inspecting a standard air source heat pump (packaged or split), except water is pumped through the ground to heat/cool the refrigerant instead of using outdoor air drawn thru a unit with a fan to heat/cool the refrigerant.

And make sure to note the limitations of your inspections and parts of the system (e.g. ground loop) thats not visible for inspection.

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Don’t do any of this BS!

Do your job like any other inspection. Observe and report!

90% of the HVAC guys can’t do geothermal, so why do you want to join the ranks of the unknowing and get your business in a bind for something you are not required to assess?

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Ditto! Operate the system using normal operating controls, report what you see, move along.

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just ran into one of these today. 1st time i have seen one. There were 3 units in the crawlspace. but the homeowner only mentioned 2, and there were only 2 thermostats inside. im wondering if the 3rd may have been to heat the pool.