Gerry Beaumont Award

To all NACHI members:

Early this year the inspection industry and fellow InterNACHI members received sad news of the sudden and unexpected passing of our good friend and educator Gerry Beaumont. Gerry’s passing undoubtedly has left a hole in the inspection community which will not soon be filled. While our daily lives and busy schedules will go on, the loss of our friend and mentor will forever remain a void.
Gerry had a passion for education. He taught inspectors across the globe, both experienced and inexperienced the value of continued education regarding the inspection industry. His courses, questions of the day, and helpful insights were found invaluable by many. Through Gerry’s dedication and passion for education, many inspectors effectively raised their skill and knowledge levels, and truly became better inspectors.

The InterNACHI Awards Committee members were commissioned with a task as a request to rename the InterNACHI Member of the Year award to honor Gerry’s memory and legacy. While this task outwardly appeared to be an easy decision and process, we quickly realized it would not be so. We wanted this award to truly reflect Gerry’s passion and legacy as a pillar to the continued education of inspectors everywhere, regardless of status. As a result and after many careful discussions with members of the Awards committee and invited guests who were considered close personal friends of Gerry, the committee took a different approach to create an entirely new award.

We would like to formally announce the release of the Gerry Beaumont Educational Achievement Award. This award is designed to acknowledge those inspectors among our InterNACHI membership who have taken the initiative and excelled by bettering themselves and their business through significant continued education.

The criteria for this award are as follows:

Article 1 – Introduction

The Gerry Beaumont Educational Achievement Award program was created to publicly recognize InterNACHI member for superior continued educational performance during the calendar year.

Article 2 – Description of the Program

The Recipient exemplifies the Continued Educational Efforts by establishing and accomplishing at least 50 hours of approved CEU’s in a calendar year.
The InterNACHI Awards Committee is the final authority of issuance of this award.

Article 3 – Eligibility

All members of the InterNACHI Association are eligible.

Article 4 – Submission Guidelines

Candidates are self-nominated by properly filling out the INACHI CEU Log Online.

As can be seen, the criteria are simple and achievable by all InterNACHI members. We, the Awards Committee members, again feel this award best portrays Gerry’s passion and dedication to InterNACHI members through encouraging and promoting dedication to education – Gerry’s ultimate commitment to his fellow members.

Having personally experienced several of Gerry’s courses both on-line and in person, I have been truly privileged to have known him and gained knowledge from someone I considered to be a true master inspector, and a friend. It would be an honor and accomplishment to receive an award such as this bearing Gerry’s name.
We hope all members of InterNACHI will join together in honoring Gerry Beaumont by striving to achieve this award.

Bill Warner
InterNACHI Awards Committee Chairman

Brilliant !!!

Great Idea!

I knew Gary also . Very good Idea!!! Thanks

Great Idea Mate!


Yes, quite…:slight_smile:

I believe you meant to say Gerry, friend. :smiley:

Nice Bill, and how about a peak at the Certificate Award that the Nominees might get?:slight_smile: Blank of course, awaiting our first Nominee’s name.

Nice Bill. Now that might look good with my name on there. :mrgreen:

Come folks, There is 4 more months to get this Award.
Log in your 50 CEU’s and your Name will be on there. :slight_smile:

Looks great Bill.

Happy to know that Gerry’s love for both NACHI & education will live on to inspire others.

Looks like something worth working towards. And if you do not win, your still a winner because of all your new knowledge!

I think on the back of the certificate there should be something that tells who Gerry was. This way in 10 years from now when some new member comes along and gets 50 hours of CE they will know who Gerry was and why he was honored.

Just a thought.

Welcome Frank, perhaps you are new here to the MB. The Education Thread has already been Re-Named in Gerry’s Honor and it explains a little about Gerry there. :smiley:

Frank why not write some thing up and send it to the awards Committee for them to look at .
I do know the members of the awards have spent many hours over the last few months on this to try and make sure it turned out well .

A good Biography of Gerry Beaumont for future reference in the years to come, for all new Members, would be very nice indeed. :slight_smile:

OUTSTANDING IDEA!!:stuck_out_tongue:

I guess that would have to come from someone that knows how to write and a family member or someone that knew him all his life in order to get all the facts right and how he managed to become an excellent educator as he was.
I only knew him for five hours and made a friend. :slight_smile: