Get in early to have your inspection business boosted with a custom SEO video ad.


By ordering before the link goes out in an email blast or InterNACHI’s eNewsletter.

Found it

I just ordered, lets do it right the first time:p:D

I ordered one as well.

Normally I don’t place orders until I see what I’m buying, but I have put my faith in Nick in the past and he has never disappointed me.

Personally I think this promotion will go over big.

Thanks Nick.

What happened to the initial test video’s some of us members signed up for?

I ordered as well…I agree.

I’ll try it…

Hey Nick, can I do one for commercial inspections as well?

Yes, (you can do more than one even) promoting anything you want. You’ll get a lot of bang for the $99 bucks.

Look forward to placing our orders today and tomorrow thanks Nick… Fyi no books or shirts yet…