Get paid to market yourself and your inspection company at real estate shows.

Shouldn’t this be “Now that you need a Home Inspection”?

Once or twice a month the wife or I show up at the RE Board meetings… I’ve given away some of the books and get a favorable response. Not sure if the agents would buy them or not…

Would it be counter-productive to sell them? Or am I thinking about this wrong.


I’ve already price pointed them. Agents at an Expo spend $6.95 on a book with this title, without blinking. Again though, they are so inexpensive that if a LOCAL agent comes up to your booth and flips through the book, give it to her. It only costs you $2.20. Tell her all your clients get one with your inspection reports. Then ask her if she’d like you to stop by during her office’s next sales meeting with more, or better yet, ask her if you can do her next inspection.