The "Now..." Book


  1. Give a book to each client.
  2. Give a book to potential clients.
  3. Give a book to sellers of properties.
  4. Give a book to real estate salespersons.
  5. Sell them for profit at local home or trade shows.

**The book INCREASES sales.
Advertise on your website and print materials, “My inspection service includes this FREE home maintenance book.”

Be sure to put a picture of the book’s front cover on your website. Right-click and save the picture. Located at

They are** 3-hole punched** for a ring binder. Include the book to each inspection reports. They dress up your report, impress real estate agents, and get you more referrals.

Remember… every seller is likely a buyer in your local market area. Drop one off at every home for sale. “Hi, I’m a local home inspector and I noticed that you are selling your home. I’d like to give you this free book. My business card is attached. Call me if you need any inspections on the home you are moving to… or if you would like me to inspect the home you are selling.”

Schedule additional inspections. The book recommends hiring an inspector every year as part of a complete homeowner maintenance plan. The book promotes ancillary inspections.

More information about the book >>>

How much for shipping?

We now use FedEx.
Shipping & Handling charges listed at
U.S. and Canada charges are different.
Only 4 days for most shipments.
Tracking numbers are auto-emailed as they progress to their destination.

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The second edition is great.

Just finished handing out the last of my first order of 110 books

Just got the second order of 110 books ready for handout. Had custom labels made to fit each type of book.

All the buyers and realtors love them.

Have used some for door prizes at meetings and everyone wants one.

Good job Ben. The first addition was good. The second addition is a winner.

Craig Lemmon - CMI
Real Estates Inspections of Texas LLC

My clients love it. I also pass them out a promotions Thank You

Be sure to grab the free displays!

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