Getting Paid In Cash

I’m a new inspector, done 21 inspections for money in past few months. Was wondering about what’s the best way to go for payments. Most inspectors get paid in advance. It’s great to have that, but credit card fees are nice to avoid sometimes too.

How does everybody go about collecting payments in cash. Do you still demand they be upfront? If so, how. Do you meet the client or do they meet you? Or are you comfortable with getting the cash or check at the end of the inspection. How do you put this in your contract then if you require up front payment.

I don’t care how they pay, the Rule applies equally to all methods of payment.
From my PIA…


Just let them know up front in your agreement that the report will not be released till payment is made.
Usually the client is at the inspection, Just get payment then. Dont go out of your way or waste time trying to collect before the inspection.
You can setup a paypal account to get paid. you can use wave apps to accept credit card and check payments through an email invoice. there are tons of ways to get paid.

It looks unprofessional to only accept cash payments.

set up scheduling software like NXT Inspekt they are free for 5 years as a Nachi member. it will automate your schedule, payments, agreements, and pricing structure. Put a link on your web page. all they need to do it click it and its that easy to get an inspection.

if you dont have a webpage, Google will provide you a free one with your google my business account.

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My contract requires payment at the time of inspection. Typically I talk to live people on the phone and indicate a personal check is preferred. I also do credit cards and occasionally I get cash. Only had one bad check in over 10 years. Tracked her down filed charges and she paid me right before the court date. Don’t remember whose credit card it was, but it went through with the penalty fee and all.


Cash, check or credit card, in advance of inspection, for the most part…especially if they will not be there.

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We generally collect at the time of the inspection. If the buyer is not present but I’m familiar with the realtor I’ll collect over the phone after the inspection. So far I’ve only been stiffed once in 15 yrs. we do cash, check, card, Venmo, Zelle or PayPal.

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I really enjoy this industry looking forward to a long career. Thanks