Getting paid through Escrow!!

Has anyone worked with a Realtor that wants you to send a bill to them for the inspection and says that you will be paid through the Escrow Company. If so do you release the report before payment? would you add extra money for waiting for the closing? And what if the deal falls through?

You are not their bank BUT some charge extra to bill at closing and they get a credit card guaranty in the event the deal falls through. Some do not get involved with that. And, you should be talking to your client about it…

Yep, we have a few Realtors who request this regularly. I am really not sure why it’s so prevalent with them and I don’t care. We charge an additional 49, and we get them to provide their credit card info and sign an agreement that says if we don’t get paid by the listed date we charge their card.

LOL OMG! Yes you should…duh…

Is there someone out there keeping secrets from their clients. Where does this come from???

Relax, Juan.

Did the OP even mention his client? That’s where it came from…trying to help him.

Where is your snarky comment coming from?

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Before offering this option, know something about the purchase, have a back-up payment plan, and put a time limit on receiving payment.

I had an inspection on 10-19-11 for a large home / B&B. Fee was $1695. Short sale. It finally closed on 11-01-12. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to wait a year, a month or a week for my fee.

I’ve done it in the past. Too much drama chasing down my money.

My policy is cash, check or credit card to get your report. If I have to wait to get my money, then you have to wait to get your report…unless your Realtor want to pony up the money. But that’s a different can of worms.

This policy has worked great for me.

I get paid before or at the inspection as per my agreement or I don’t do the job. I’ve no time nor patience for chasing money…